5 Amazing Things To Do With Your Old Coffee Ground

Time to make a coffee, let’s grind beans!! That is an awesome experience, thousand of flavors, deep aromas, definitely a great sensory experience! But at the end, it’s just some coffee ground to throw away and this is NOT a good sensation, just because it is just waste!

Now I ask you, if we could do something with the old coffee ground instead thrown in away?? These old coffee grounds can have many interesting uses all over your house, like keeping bugs away from kitchen for an example! We will list here 5 useful things to do with your coffee ground!


1-      Garden fertilizer

Coffee is an excellent natural garden fertilizer, actually many people use them as a fertilizer to plant mushrooms (I love mushroomsJ)! But don’t get excited and cover your garden with coffee grounds, because coffee ground is only helpful when used on acidic soil, it will make the soil richer.  Coffee grounds also help with the growth of certain types of vegetables, like carrots, before plant carrots seed, mix it with some coffee grounds.

2-      Bugs out of the kitchen!

It’s hard to keep ALL bugs out of your kitchen, but coffee can really give some help indeed! Most bugs don’t like coffee like you, so try putting some coffee ground where ants use to visit, also works with snails, worms, insects and believe me, fleas! So next time taking a bath with your dog or cat, mix some coffee in their shampoo!

3-      My freezer/living room/bedroom/kitchen/oven/etc smells terrible!

Having problems with your freezer odors?? Try putting some dry coffee ground in it, next day you will feel the difference! Coffee grounds are excellent for masking odors! So you can use some in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, everywhere! But be conscious and use small amounts of coffee groundsJ.

4-      Great skin exfoliant

Here you can save some money! Instead of buying those expensive creams available in the market, why don’t use your old coffee ground?? Coffee has some great natural chemicals that works really well with our skin, the recipe is simple, some coffee ground, some coconut oil, water, mix everything and WHOA…you have you own skin exfoliant! Here is the detailed recipe we post on our facebook page: “You just need some old coffee grounds to scrub on your face! But, if you want to take it to another level, the Boss level, just add some cocoa (it has some awesome antioxidant properties), a few drops of coconut oil (it can heal almost everything) and then make a paste of everything and put on your face, massage gently, after 10-15 minutes you will have a brighter and awesome skin!!”

5-      Keep pets pee away from your garden

If your dog or cat use to pee on your beautiful garden, or if even your neighbors pets are peeing all over your garden, try to cover your garden with some old coffee ground, because they hate the smell of it, so they will avoid peeing over your garden, and like our second topic, coffee ground can also be a great garden fertilizer!

Now you can make several other uses of your old coffee ground! Your nose will appreciate, you will appreciate, your friends will appreciate and the planet will be the happiest guy ever!

Think always for sustainable solutions 😉